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Lunchtime is getting getting tighter all the time. No time to make one, you need that time to sleep, work out, get the kids ready, always something. So you go out to a restaurant, parked, served, paid, and back in time can be impossible.

So you go for take out. Pizza. Burgers. A sub. A donair. Often something fried.

Call me for an alternative. Check out the lunch menus, circulate them around your office, and call me. I’ll have lunch there when lunchtime starts.

Also, food for meetings, including receptions, meet-and greets, mid morning and mid-afternoon breaks, and lunch.

Lunch Catering


The bigger the group, the better the deal

The Governor’s Table

Mind Full of Food partners with The Governor’s Mansion in Nelson, NB, providing elegant dining and service in a historical setting.

Buffet Display

Large Event Catering, when it’s a Big Deal!

First the home of a lumber baron and his family, then the residence of the Lt. Governor of New Brunswick, then 40 years as an inn, offering beautifully furnished rooms and three elegant dining areas and an equally beautiful sun room. The whole building is a step into the past, an English style country estate with an impressive collection of rare period pieces within Classical Revival Architecture.

Mind Full of Food strives to match the atmosphere with food that feels deservedly placed on fine china, polished silverware and fine service.

For special occasions that deserve a special ambiance, book your event in The Governor’s Mansion. We can seat up to 40 people, and the intimacy of the seating makes it ideal for family gatherings, business occasions or presentations, special events like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or wedding rehearsal dinners.


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